Bio Sand Water Filters

We have been experimenting with designing low cost bio sand water filters.

Rotary Club of Karachi is experimenting with Bio Sand Filter. After extensive testing we have setup dozens of units at Machar Colony Karachi. Results are good but it takes a few weeks for the bacterial culture to start which cleans the water.

Attending the Rotary Convention in Canda, we discovered water filters by Sawyer . Now we have started getting these out in the filed, plus need to partnership with other clubs to expand the reach of this project.

We can consider making it in a Matching Grant Project but moving forward on it as the flood survivors need water filtering desperately.

These pictures are from our testing units setup at our community center.

bio-sand-filters-11 bio-sand-filters-16 bio-sand-filters-02 bio-sand-filters-10 bio-sand-filters-08 bio-sand-filters-05 bio-sand-filters-13 bio-sand-filters-01 bio-sand-filters-03 bio-sand-filters-07 bio-sand-filters-09 bio-sand-filters-04 bio-sand-filters-12 bio-sand-filters-15 bio-sand-filters-14 bio-sand-filters-06