End Polio Now Golf Tournament – Rotary Club of Karachi – Dec 2013

“End Polio Now – Golf Tournament”

The Rotary Club of Karachi organized a Golf Tournament, to highlight Rotary’s end Polio now campaign. A crisp Christmas morning witnessed Rotarians and their friends teeing off at the majestic Karachi Golf Club, Karsaz.
The event was made meaningful by the participation of 7 Rotary clubs in addition to the hosts, the Rotary Club of Karachi.
Tournament Participating Clubs
RCK Cosmopolitan RCK Defense RCK Karsaz RCK Mid-City
RCK South RCK Taimuria RCK Universal
& the Rotary Club of Karachi (event hosts)

The Rotary Club of Karachi was out in full force both on the green and off as family and friends also joined in to cheer the players. Prominent among these were; PP Masood Bhalli, PP Waseem Mirza, Rtn Anjum Nisar, Rtn Nadeem Rehmat, Rtn Humayun Qureshi, Rtn Aiman Rizwan, Rtn Robin Mitha and PP Khalid Gulzar. Friends of Rotary included past members of the Rotary Club of Karachi also showed up to support the End Polio now cause, such as, Rtn Dr Iftikhar Khawaja, Rtn Sultan Farooq Khan, Cdre (R) Ejaz R Chaudhri, Mr Amyn Currimbhoy, Mr Ahsan Gulzar, and Mr Ahmed Gulzar

The golfers and their caddies were prominent on the green in their smart “End Polio Now” tshirts. As the golfing grew more intense the fellowship was evident as the Rotarians from all 8 clubs applauded each other on the green.

After an action packed 3 hours of golfing the participants were treated to lunch and a short presentation. PP Masood Bhalli took the lead in explaining the various activities being undertaken to end Polio globally and in Pakistan. He also highlighted some of the challenges being faced in Polio campaigns in Pakistan. Rtn Aiman Rizwan and PP Khalid Gulzar also spoke regarding the efforts of Rotary in the eradication of Polio from Pakistan. PP Khalid Gulzar reminded the audience of the contribution of Dr Jonas Salk who developed the polio vaccine and provided it free of cost to all nations. PP Khalid Gulzar also thanked Ufone for its contribution, in sponsoring the event.

Amid applause Trophies were distributed to the runner up, Mr Ahmed Gulzar and the winning of the tournament Mr. Ahsan Gulzar by PP Masood Bhalli.

Rtn Aiman conducted a fast paced exciting auction of Quaid-e-Azam t-shirts and an End Polio Now t-shirt that was heartily supported by Rotarians and their friends. A sum of Rs.13,500 was raised to be paid to THE ROTARY FOUNDATION towards its Polio Eradication Program. The T-shirts were bought by Rtn Dr Iftikhar Khawaja, Daughter of Rtn Humayun Qureshi, Rtn Anjum Nisar and Mr Ahsan Gulzar. The Quaid-e-Azam t-shirts were provided by Azmealishan.com, a youth movement co-founded by Rtn Aiman that supports positive efforts across Pakistan since 2010.

Guests and Rotarians felicitated PP Khalid Gulzar and Rtn Aiman Rizwan for organizing a well thought out event. The event ended with PP Asharaf Ghori cutting of a cake bought by the Azmealishan.com team to mark the 137th Birthday of the the founder of Pakistan: the Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.