Medical Supplies for flood relief

Rtn Syed Ahmed
Rtn Dan Carpenter
Mr. Iqbal (Paul) Ahmed


We, Rotary Club of Karachi (RCK) would like to express our deepest appreciation and gratitude to all of you for sending the medical supplies to us for distribution to the hospitals working in the flood affected areas.

Individually I would like to record RCK’s special thanks to Rtn Syed Ahmed for piloting this project of medical supplies, further we would also like to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of Rtn Dan Carpenter in obtaining,arranging and putting together the cartons of medical supplies.

Last but not the least RCK is indeed grateful to Paul Ahmed in looking after the logistics of collection, transportation and shipping of the container which arrived with the contents in good shape.

I would like to inform you that all the material has been stored under the care of Rtn Dr. Hoshang Anklesaria at his premises. There the material will be sorted in convenient lots for distribution to the hospitals.

Thanks and Regards

S M Ehtishamullah
President, Rotary Club of Karachi
PS: Feroz and Hoshang; THANK YOU
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