Memorial meeting for Late Rtn. Hydertali Bhimji

late Rtn. Hyderali Bhimji was passed away on 4th July, 2013. The Fateha for the departed soul was offered in the weekly meetuing of July 8th, 2013. The members of the club expressed teir emotions fro him. The club also passed the following condolence Resolution:

Condolence Resolution

The Rotary Club of Karachi passed this Condolence Resolution, in the regular weekly meeting held on Monday, July 8th, 2013 on the sad demise of Rtn. Hyderali Bhimji, who has been a member of the Club since 1979.

The following RESOLUTION was adopted unanimously:

RESOLVED: That the members of the Rotary Club of Karachi express their deep and sincere condolences on the passing away (on July 4th, 2013) of Rtn. Hyderali Bhimji, a Rotarian since 1979. We pray to God Almighty to shower his choicest blessings upon him, to grant him a place in Heaven, and give courage and fortitude to the bereaved family to bear this loss.

FURTHER RESOLVED: That the Rotary Club of Karachi recognizes and appreciates (Late) Rtn. Hyderali Bhimji’s 34 year association with Rotary. Late Rtn. Hyderali Bhimji embodied the true Rotarian spirit;  ONCE A ROTARIAN ALWAYS A ROTARIAN. His invaluable and numerous contributions in the various avenues of service, specially in the area of giving,  are hereby recognized.