Artificial Limbs Project

The Artificial Limb Center which was established in June 2008 and has to its credit provided more than 5,000 limbs and calipers upto 2012.

During 2009 – 2010, over 1450 Limbs and Callipers were provided. ALL THE LIMBS ARE TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE.

This is one of the biggest projects by any Rotary Club in the country.  RCK provides the space; part of the material which we receive from Matching Grants and other philanthropic Rotarians and Hashwa donate the rest.

Future Plans

  • The artificial hand has been developed and is expected to start providing free artificial upper limbs in 2010.
  • A permanent Polio drops center where Polio drops would be provided all the year round.
  • Health awareness programmes for Diabetes, Cardiac and Hypertension, Eye camps, etc are planned.
  • Providing Artificial hands. (Internal mechanism has been arranged. The assembly of 200 hands is in progress.)
  • Health and Awareness Programs are organized regularly at the community center.

Rotary Club of Karachi pioneers the artificial limbs project where artificial limbs are provided Free of Cost. Our limbs are custom made according to the unique needs of the user. Having a Permanent Center ensures that repair and maintenance can be carried out all year round.

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