Avoidable Blindness

Eye Camps

Like in the past, this year too, RCK conducted two Eye Camps one in Pirjo Goth and one in Khairpur. Also funded an eye camp in Samaro through RC  Samaro.  Surgery was performed on 200 poor people by PP Dr Hoshang Anklesaria and Rtn Dr Dorab Anklesaria with the best equipments: phaco machine, infinity by Alcon Laica  Microscope and intra-ocular lens of Alcon Company, which is the best. Total donations of Rs 525,000 were received from PP Dr Hoshang Anklesaria’s family, friends, relatives and Parsi Charities and PDG Muhammad Akbar and PP Dr Zaeema Alvi. Expenses incurred were Rs 844532, includes Rs 219,532 from the funds raised by ‘Katha’ play. Rs 300,000 has been paid for 125 lenses for Eye Camps in 2010-2011.

Rotary Eye Camps 2008