Health Screening and Prevention Programs

Screening and Treatment of TB Patients in Quetta

There was Rs.90,000 brought  forward from 2008-9, which had been donated by Rotarians for Quetta Earthquake Relief. After obtaining approval from donors, President Talaat Tyabji and PP Dr Hoshang Anklesaria went to Quetta and donated Rs 100,000 for the diagnosis and treatment and the post recovery of the people of Quetta, who work in the coal mines and are suffering with tuberculosis.  According to the concerned doctor, Rs.1,000/- would be spent on the diagnosis of a patient (X-Ray Chest, Blood Test and Sputum Test).  If the patient was positive then he would be referred to WHO Organization who gives medicines for the treatment of tuberculosis and also go from door to door supplying them with more medicines every time the patient needs it on regular intervals but no vitamins and food supplement are given by this organization. Therefore, part of money was used for the recuperation for the vitamins and food supplement. These are the people who play with their lives to keep us warm during the winter months – RCK was able to provide them this much on yearly basis.  Recommend making this into an ongoing Club project.

Screening and Treatment of Diabetic Patients

There are two Clubs in Nawabshah who have projects for the screening and treatment of diabetic patients.  RCK supplies them with the strips to check the blood sugar and our generous Rotarian Abdullah Feroz gave medicines for these patients.

A well controlled diabetic patient lives a normal life with normal check-up and medicines, a half controlled diabetic lives with problems and non-controlled diabetic lives with either one leg, one eye or non and is a big burden to the family and people around him and the life is full of agony for him/her and his/her family as well.