Hearing Aids

Ida Reu

This year President Talaat Tyabji lined up a donor who gave Rs.400,000/= for hearing aids for IDA REU so  40 hearing aids were donated – the highest ever given. One hearing aide @ Rs.11,000/-, the digital one which is the latest and better than the ordinary one.  Past President Masood Bali generously donated Rs.10,000/- per month for the battery for the hearing aide for children for one year.  RCK is thankful to him for this kind gesture of good will.


There was Rs.100,000/- remaining in the kitty from the last year hearing aid program.  ABSA School was selected and was donated 9 hearing aids of same quality and of same make.  It was heartening to see that the parents of the children who received the 9 hearing aides were also present. They saw how the hearing aids worked on their children and also learnt how to take care of them, which was demonstrated by the supplier, Optical Palace.  It was encouraging to see that Past President Hashim Sayeed and his wife Rotaryanne Mulaikha and Ms Dinaz Dinshaw Avari  daily visit ABSA and provide honorary service.

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