Matching Grants

RCK received a Matching Grant of Rs 854,000 in October 2009 from The Rotary Foundation for providing 61 hand water pumps and 61 water storage tanks in the interior of Sindh particularly in the Kunri area.  The project was implemented in collaboration with Rotary Clubs of Kunri, Mithi and other clubs.

After the  Kunri area was surveyed and sites were identified,  payment  of Rs 732,000 in installments have been released for 61 hand water pumps and 61 water storage tanks in Kunri. Nearly most of the pumps have been installed and water tanks have been built. The remaining are in the final stages. The Final Report to TRF will be submitted after a couple of months, i.e. within two months of completion of the project. The balance of Rs 122,000 would be refunded to TRF thru the Fiscal Agent before submitting the Final Report.

It is interesting to know that one Hand Pump serves 25 families (average 8 persons per family), i.e. 200 people daily. These are the poorest of the poor living in Thar Desert. Two Rain Water Storage Tanks (one for human beings and one for cattle) – each tank stores 4,000 ltrs which provides on an average drinking water for a family of 8 and their cattle for 5 to 6 months.