RCK Literacy Project

Literacy is a permanent project of Rotary Club of Karachi in this connection RCK handed over a cheque of Rs. 360,000/- to Tauseef memorial school.

Tauseef memorial school is an education project started by the youngsters of ‘Pakistani Youth Organization’ to educate the needy and deprived children of the Pakistani society.

In Pakistan, Most of the children after age of 10 support their families through various ways. Some beg on the signals and road sides; others work as unskilled labor in motor mechanic shops or sell different items on various streets, outside schools and colleges. They have either not seen the face of a proper school in their life, if they have, now after being 1o or so , the age comes for them to end their further pursuits of knowledge and be part of the earners in the family. In Pakistan most of the families are living under the poverty line and to earn one time food the whole family works or do something or the other to have small amount of money, which mostly is just enough for one time food, cumulatively.

Therefore, ‘Tauseef Memorial School’ is an initiative of ‘Pakistani Youth Organization’ to empower the under-privileged children of the society with modern and quality education where these children can be taught according to the normal education system currently proceeding in Pakistan. We are running this project since 2007, there are currently 50 children enrolled, and we have an aim to expand this project for the purpose of accommodating and benefiting the other needy yet deserving children of the society.

As it is said,

If you are looking for days, make an army;

If you are looking for months, make an economy;

And If you are looking for millenniums, educate people!

For further information, visit: www.pyo.org.pk

L-113, Madina Colony, Block 13G, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Pakistan-75300

Email: sabieh@pyo.org.pk, info@pyo.org.pk

Contact at: 0322-2396376