RCK Regular Weekly Meeting on Monday, 16th November, 2015

The guest speaker for our Regular weekly meeting of Monday 16th November, 1 pm at the Pearl Continental Hotel was Mr. Abdullah Hussain Haroon.

Hussain Haroon is a well known and accomplished person. He completed his education from Karachi Grammar School and the University of Karachi. His career spans over a wide spectrum of activities ranging from business to politics, to social welfare & philanthropy. His contributions to promoting sports and education at the National/Provincial level are also very creditable. He has held high positions in various organizations, both national and international, where his services had been recognized as outstanding.  During his entire tenure as Pakistan’s Ambassador/Permanent Representative at the United Nations from 2008 to 2012 he served the nation well in the arena of international diplomacy.

He has the honour of being invited by a very large number of prestigious national and international Institutions to address their forums as a Keynote Speaker, such as: 1) Army War College.  2) New York University. 3) Center on Global Counter-terrorism Cooperation, Washington, D.C.  4) International Workshop on Global Security, Istanbul. Turkey.   5)  Alumni Association of Fletcher School of Law & SAIS on “Pakistan at the Epicenter-The War on Terror.”  6)  Windham World Affairs Council, Brattleboro, Vermont. 7) Cornell University’s Cornell Institute for Public Affairs.  8) Centre on Global Counterterrorism Cooperation, Washington.  9)  Council of Foreign Relations, New York. 10) King Edward Medical College Alumni Association of John Hopkins University. 11)  Yale University, where he spoke on “Between Ballots and Bullets.”  12) American Bar Association’s Annual Meeting: Legal Empowerment of the Poor.  13) Harvard Law School, where he spoke on “Talking Peace: Prospect for a Negotiated Settlement in Afghanistan.”  14) At Columbia University, South Asia Institute’s Conference he spoke on “Democratic Contestations in Bangladesh & Pakistan: Beyond Security.”

His topic was “Conflict of Civilizations”.