RCK regular weekly meeting on Monday 7th April,2014

The guest speaker for our regular weekly meeting on Monday 7th April was Mr. Irfan J. shah.

Irfan joined TelniaSoft in 1999 as Country Manager. Before that Irfan was associated with Computer & Office Products, a company established in 1993 by Irfan himself and a local investor. Irfan’s role was as General Manager of the company.

Irfan is also associated with GMC-TIN [Asia/Pacific Secretariat) an initiative by Mr. Kofi Annan, the Secretary General of the United Nations. Prime objective of the project is to improve quality of education in developing countries like Pakistan. The organization offers technology-based training programs through key Pakistani universities, colleges, institutes, local councils, NGOs and Community Boards, etc. to individuals enhance their efficiency as well as self-sustainability. Irfan has been very active in promotion of this type of education by way of developing strategies, improvement in client servicing, customer acquisition strategies and conducting seminars, awareness workshops, presentations, etc.

He has also been on the advisors list of the Director Strategic Alliances, GMC-TIN CCI’ on various issues as well as promotion of technology-based training in Pakistan.

 The topic of his presentation was”BPO Outlook for Pakistan Economy”.