RCK Visit to Cardiac Ward Civil Hospital Hyderabad (Sindh)

The members of Rotary Club of Karachi, President Anjum Pervez, PDG Akhtar Alavi, PP Dr. Hoshang Anklesaria, PP Khalid Gulzar, Rtn. Shahzad Sabir along with Dr. Farhan Essa of RC Kolachi visited Civil Hospital Hyderabad (Sindh) to inaugurate the water supply project at Cardiac Ward. The district Governor Pir Ebrahim Shah also graced the occasion. The donation of Rs.200,000/- was given to the project by RCK.

The hospital is also a recipient of medical and surgical supplies donated by Rotary Club of Appleton through RCK. The members visited the various departments to see the utilization of the donated supplies. Dr. Rahil Hussain briefed the members about the various activities of the ward. He also specially mentioned that the value of the medical and surgical supplies donated by RCK is worth 2 million.

The members of RC Hyderabad President Rtn. Engineer Darshan Lal Nankani, Secretary Rtn. Usman Ahmed, President Elect Richard Arif, Dr. Pradeep and many other Rotarians were there to brief the RCK members about the ongoing club activities.



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