RI President’s Monthly Message

My dear brothers and sisters in Rotary,

In the pages of this month’s magazine, you will be introduced to the
marvelous city of Bangkok, Thailand, which will play host to our 2012
Rotary International Convention. Please consider this my personal
invitation to join me, my family, and our fellow Rotarians at what
promises to be an incredible event in one of the world’s most
fascinating locations.

Thailand is a spectacular destination, truly the Land of a Thousand
Smiles. I would particularly urge Rotarians who have never visited
Thailand before to consider this as your chance. You’ll be surrounded
by gracious Rotarian hosts and friends, old and new, from around the
world. Bangkok is a fantastic gateway for those wishing to explore
Southeast Asia, and a wonderful experience on its own. For those who
hail from countries closer by, take the opportunity to visit a major
cultural capital, with all it has to offer – including shopping,
dining, and sightseeing. Indeed, Bangkok will give you a wonderful
value for your time and money.

But the very best reason to visit Bangkok, of course, will be the 2012
RI Convention itself, 6-9 May – the highlight of the Rotary

All through the year, we reach out to Rotary communities around the
globe. At the convention, we have the chance to see all those
communities represented in one place – to hear all the languages,
see all the people, and learn about all the projects of the past year.
Nothing brings home the internationality of Rotary like a Rotary
convention – and nothing else has the same power to inspire.

I firmly believe that every Rotary event should be a family event, and
this is why Binota and I plan to bring our children and our
grandchildren. Why not do the same, and make the Rotary convention part
of your family’s vacation next year? With so many wonderful events and
activities to choose from, there is something for everyone, and plenty
of opportunity to draw our families closer to our Rotary service.

Every year, I go to the convention excited to see old friends and make
new ones, to celebrate our successes and learn from our experiences. And
every year, I leave with a sense of pride in Rotary, eager to begin
another year of service.

Bangkok promises to be the best convention yet. I urge you to register
now at www.rotary.org/

convention, http://www.rotary.org/convention,
and to begin planning your trip to our 103rd international convention!Kalyan Banerjee
President, Rotary International

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