satellite-based flood analysis

Please note that ICIMOD has produced a two new satellite-based flood analysis along the Indus River covering Sindh, Southern Punjab, KPK and Balochistan provinces, Pakistan.

Map 1: Spatio-temoral flood analysis showing the flood extent continuously increasing during the last 5 days. Over 700 villages and 80 towns were identified as severly affected by flood waters and analysis was performed using geospatial database received from University of Georgia, USA. I am very thankful to Smith Nate, OFDA in helping me to get the vector datasets.

Map 2: Crop damage assessment along the Indus river covering four provinces. Crop area and pre-river was extracted using MODIS Aqua 2009 image and supervised classification technique was used. It is observed that the inundated crop areas increased from appox. 13, to 18, from August 15-19, 2010 for the study area with a total change of in 5 days.

Geospatial database for crop damage assessment is available via ICIMOD Mountain Geoportal link

These maps are not field validated and needs ground information to improve further. The map layout was designed for modified A1 Printing (36 x 24inch) at 1Million scale. Please acknowledge ICIMOD as source map wherever maps are being used.

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